Howard Carter, the artist

Howard Carter - The Temple of Hatshepsut 40 nk-fig1 Under-the-Protection-of-the-Gods-Howard-Carter-1908It was only recently that I recently discovered that the man most famous for his discovery of King Tut’s tomb was also an artist. He first traveled to Egypt as a painter there to document the discoveries being made in the Valley of the Kings. These are a few examples of his paintings and here is a link for more information.

About Denis

A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art; I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. I have always been inspired by the art of Romantic painters such as Eugene Delacroix, John Constable and W.M. Turner. I consider myself a modern Romantic seeking to capture the emotion or feeling of a subject above all else. Charles Baudelaire described Romanticism as "...situated neither in choice of subject nor exact truth, but in the way of feeling".
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