New Workshop

I will be teaching a workshop in the Atlanta area in April. Registration is on a first come first serve basis so sign up early.

Hood Street Art Center

McDonough, Ga

Plein Air

April 9th, 2016




Hood Street Art Center



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2015 Recap

A look back at 2015

Visions of Bartram

Visions of Bartram

I am a little late getting this out but we are only a week past New Years so I don’t think it is too bad. 2015 was a busy year around the studio. We began the year wrapping up the “Following Bartram’s Trail” show in Atlanta. I spent much of the first half of 2015 preparing for the next showing of my work at the “Visions of Bartram” show in Palatka, Florida. This would be held in conjunction with the Bartram Trail Conference where I would be speaking. The Larimer Art Center where the show was hosted almost directly across the street from the conference. Both the conference and the show went well and I made a lot of new friends who share my interest in Bartram. I was very happy to find homes for 5 of my paintings at the show and they how hang in homes from Florida and North Carolina to Delaware and Pennsylvania. Thank you to everyone who purchased my work this past year.

The Renaissance2015 also marks the beginning of a new project, The Renaissance Podcast! It all started in July as I listened to my favorite podcasts and began looking for something on Renaissance art. Unable to find anything interesting in the subject I came up with the crazy idea of creating my own. I am after all and artist and a teacher with a passion for classical art. Initially, my thought was to just make podcast versions of the lessons I already use in class. I soon discovered that this project would be much more involved and while there was quite a steep learning curve it has been a lot of fun and added to my own knowledge of art history. In addition to all of this; we welcomed a new addition to our family in September. Needless to say things are crazy in the Byrd house and studio.

Looking ahead to 2016

I will be starting a new series for 2016; focusing on the southern landscape. This is an expansion of my Bartram series but will include different types of landscapes to help me recharge my creative juices. Don’t worry I still plan to continue with the Bartram Trail but I also want to explore some new locations and ideas.

There are also some workshops in the works. I can not release the details just yet but just follow me here, Facebook or on twitter @DenisByrd for information as it is available.

The podcast continues its march through the Renaissance. I just posted the episode on Lorenzo de Medici and we will soon discuss Savonarola, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. There is also a tour of Italy planned for 2017. I will continue to post information through out the year about the tour. You may sign up now if you are interested Just visit

Looking forward to an exciting 2016!

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Work featured in the Cyber Art Show

cropped-Above-the-falls.jpgPlease take a look at my work in The Cyber Art show.

Cyber Art Show


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Bartram Trail Conference

12079161_10154213377890663_6228219510417018865_nI have just returned from the Bartram Trail Conference in Palatka, Florida. It was a great experience to see so many sites associated with Bartram and even kayak the same river he traveled over 200 years ago.

It was fascinating listening to so many experts about Bartram’s travels. I also enjoyed sharing my experiences painting along the Bartram trail. While down there my work was on display at the Larimer Arts Center and I am thankful that five paintings now have new homes. Now for a few days to recover then back at the easel!

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Episode 7 Fra Angelico.

imageEpisode 7 is now available over at The Renaissance podcast page. This episode explores they life of Fra Angelico, a devout monk as well as a gifted painter.

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Website update!

Well it’s that time again. Time for a website update!. In anticipation for the Bartram Trail Conference and Show in Palakta in October I have revamped my website. Take a look!

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Episode 6 Paolo Uccello

186x300x280px-Paolo_Uccello_044-186x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.mt94r63LoCEpisode 6 is posted on The Renaissance podcast page. I am really pleased with this episode and I hope you will be too. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for the latest updates.


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Episode 3 of The Renaissance

TThe Renaissancehe latest episode of the Renaissance is now available. You may listen at or subscribe through iTunes. If you are enjoying this podcast please consider writing a review on iTunes to helps spread the word.

Episode 3 – The Sacrifice of Isaac


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Howard Carter, the artist

Howard Carter - The Temple of Hatshepsut 40 nk-fig1 Under-the-Protection-of-the-Gods-Howard-Carter-1908It was only recently that I recently discovered that the man most famous for his discovery of King Tut’s tomb was also an artist. He first traveled to Egypt as a painter there to document the discoveries being made in the Valley of the Kings. These are a few examples of his paintings and here is a link for more information.

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The Renaissance Podcast

I have been working on a little side project after my trip to Italy. I am producing a podcast on Renaissance art entitled the Renaissance. The first episode is up on iTunes. You may download it there through your iTunes account or at the podcast home page,

I don’t plan on publishing an art history podcast this weekend due to the 4th of July holiday but I hope to have something special for the 4th about the Renaissance and its effect on the American Revolution.The Renaissance

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